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Is Beano Safe and Effective?

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Is Beano Safe and Effective?

Is Beano Gas Relief Or Bloated Hype?

            Beano has made a name for itself in the dietary supplement world’s sea of products on today’s market. The form of dietary supplement that Beano handles is that of gas relief. In this review, we will discover if Beano is help or only hype.

What Is Beano And Where Did It Start?

            As mentioned already, Beano is a tablet that boasts the ability to eliminate excess gas and bloating of the stomach, which can be a much-needed help if you are one of the many people plagued by excess gas or just eat many gassy foods. Beano was first released back in 1990, and has remained on the shelves ever since. It has changed its formula over the years, keeping up with new advancements in medicine, thereby ensuring it will remain effective even in today’s world.

Beano’s Brags

            The makers of Beano say that their product is good for preventing gas, not just ridding the user of it. Bloated stomach or gas is quite common and comes from a variety of foods, such as green vegetables like peas, cabbage, or broccoli. Of course, these are not the only gassy foods out there, but they are some of the most notorious ones. Beano’s makers also say that their product helps break down carbohydrates thanks to natural enzymes that it contains.

The Advertising

            It is obvious that eating healthy is a good thing. Like anything else, however, there is always a drawback, even with something good. When you think of healthy eating, you likely think fruits and vegetables, which are good for you, but many cause gas in the body and bloating, which can be embarrassing or even painful at times. This gas can sometimes cause people to stop eating healthy and going back to bad foods like anything fried or processed, since they do not cause gas or cause as much. Going back to these bad foods is a bad decision overall where your health is concerned. Beano was made just for those people who want to eat healthy, but perhaps moved away from that due to the gas it can cause. Their current slogan is “Beano before, and there’ll be no gas”. You are smart enough to know this is not entirely accurate, but that your gas will be greatly reduced at the very least.

The Price Paid

            Beano comes in a bottle containing 50 pills and it sells for about $30. The suggested dosage calls for two pills being taken before you eat a meal that is gassy in nature. So, after all the math is figured, you are likely to pay a little over $30 a month for gas relief, as the pills work out to 25 days of use, slightly less than a month. Therefore, we find that Beano is not the cheapest solution available, but many are willing to pay a higher price if the product delivers on its claims.

The Effort Required From You

            Using Beano requires very little effort on your part. All you have to do is take a pill before you eat a meal that is likely to cause gas. Vegetables, beans and some grains are the most infamous foods that cause gas and/or bloating, so when you have these as part of your meal, or anything else you know for sure causes you gas, take one. All it takes is maybe a few days or as long as a week to get used to introducing a pill into your daily life.


            Beano is a tablet and also has a dissolvable version for people that find it hard to swallow pills. You will not lose weight by taking Beano, but if you are trying to eat healthy and are haunted by excess gas because of it, then it will help you stay with your healthy diet. Even doctors have recommended patients try it out for gas troubles. Beano is safe for people ages 12 and up, and it may be safe for children younger than 12, but consult your child’s doctor first.

Is Beano As Effective As Advertised?

            The majority of customer feedback backs up Beano’s claim as an effective remedy for gas and bloating. For some consumers, Beano was the only gas-relief pill that worked for them. Eating healthy is good, but gas is a side effect from it. It hurts to go around bloated all day or being gassed up just because you were eating your vegetables.

The Verdict

            Beano’s makers, a high percentage of consumers and even some doctors have recommended Beano for relief from gas and bloating, and so do we. For many, quality justifies price, and Beano is an example of that. Again, it is not the cheapest, but since most reviews agree that Beano is as effective as they claim it to be, and that is what makes it worth the buy.