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Is Body by Vi Safe and Effective?

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Is Body by Vi Safe and Effective?

Is Body by Vi A Reliable Supplement System?

            Hundreds of diet pills, weight loss supplements, meal replacement plans, etc, are found on today’s market. One such is Body by Vi, which is gaining popularity very quickly. It also seems that Body by Vi is gaining famous endorsers as it grows into a top brand. What we are looking at today is far more important than which celebrity sponsors it. We are looking at it to see if it works as well as it is claimed to do.

What Is Body by Vi?

            Body by Vi is what is called a diet pack, with multiple boxes in the pack, and there are various packs to choose from, each based on a specific health goal. Its nutrition-replacement plan will have you substituting shakes for your regular meals, all of them.

Statements Made By Body by Vi

            Body by Vi says you will never be in better shape as you will be when you get on a Body by Vi shape diet. Food cravings and calorie intake are controlled. More energy comes to you, and long-lasting results happen. These are some pretty wild claims, but with some of the star power they have behind it, it is a well-played gamble.

The Advertising

            Some Hollywood names have endorsed it, as well as wrestling icon Hulk Hogan. This sets it apart from many of its competitors. Diabetics, get ready to smile. Body by Vi is good for you as well. With the low sugar in Body by Vi shakes, even as a diabetic you will be able to participate in this meal replacement plan. Usually, shake supplement plans are not recommended for diabetics.

How Much Is Body by Vi?

            The cost of Body by Vi will depend which package you select. The lowest on the price scale, the Balance kit, will cost about $49 monthly. This is the most basic, designed for those that just want to lose a few pounds. Also, the Transformation, Shape, and Core kits are available at higher rates, ranging from $99 to $249 monthly. Yes, it can get pretty expensive.

Your Effort Required

            If you are a veteran dieter, then you know that there is one thing in common with most, if not all, diet supplements and plans.  If you do not stay fully committed to the diet, it will not yield the results you hoped to get, if it yields any at all. Whether any real food is eaten or not will depend on the pack selected. Several packs replace all of your daily food intake, while packs such as the Balance pack have one real meal remaining, which should be a nutritious, healthy meal of course. Using this program requires training in new habits, chiefly replacing most if not all of your meals with shakes. After about a week, hunger pangs are usually quelled.


            Every pack available in the Body by Vi product line has a nutrient and shake combination that is a one month supply. The Balance pack is the cheapest, requiring the use of one shake each day (recommended in the morning) and having one real meal around the evening that is nutritious. This economy pack mainly targets people who are only looking to drop just a few extra pounds. There is a Shape package which has you taking two shakes daily with no food. It will take great dedication on your part to use this package. The Core program has a little bit more to it than just meal replacement. In the shakes are added ingredients which provide a little booster in one’s muscle-building workouts. The Transformation pack is the featured star of Body by Vi’s product line, containing shake replacement for all meals plus pills and other supplements that increase metabolism and help the body eliminate fat deposits before they become stored.

Is Body by Vi An Effective Weight Loss Program?

            On Body by Vi’s website, there are lots of celebrity testimonials with huge losses reported, such as more than five dress sizes dropped or 75+ pounds lost. This is something you would expect to see on a company’s own website, but on other, independent sites as well? Yes. Results reported even on independent sites show high weight loss numbers so it is not just paid sponsors hyping a hoax product. Body by Vi is one of the “real deals” in the weight loss supplement world.

Final Verdict

            Body by Vi is definitely a recommended weight loss supplement product. It is on the pricier side, how much so depending on the pack selected, but it does work as advertised. If you want to go long-term, then think about going back to healthy food options rather than subsisting on a shake diet. Remember, these are supplements, not a way of life, although some people forget this fact.