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Is Gas X Safe and Effective?

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Is Gas X Safe and Effective?

Does Gas X Truly Bring Relief?

            A bloated stomach that is foaming is likely to produce gas. Simethicone is a substance when, taken by mouth, works to reduce the foaming and thus reduce gas. Gas X contains this active ingredient called Simethicone. While Simethicone is not exclusive to Gas X, it is the best-known brand of gas relief that contains Simethicone.

Brief History

            Gas X first hit the market of gas relief remedies in 2004. It is arguably the leader of all products of its type, remedies that cure excess gas. The brand has grown tremendously since its inception. Stated previously, Gas X contains Simethicone in a pill form to be taken orally. Gas X works best when taken before eating a meal that generally causes gas and bloating. This way, the pill is working before the food digests and can be fully activated by the food once it reaches the stomach.

What The Company Says

            The makers of Gas X basically have a two-word slogan for their product. That slogan is “Pressure’s Off”. It sells the product and convinces the potential consumer of its effectiveness. In the consumer’s mind, bloating, gas pressure, or embarrassing situations involving gas now become a thing of the past just by taking this Gas X pill. The creators of Gas X further state that no other similar remedy will work as fast as Gas X does. They claim the effectiveness is accomplished with an “unbeatable speed”. There are no implications, however, that the effects have longer stamina. This would be something of interest to those people who consistently have gas or have gas all day long.

The Buzz

            Gas X has put their market target at a potentially high rate of customers. Although it is not a product marketed for everyday use, their potential customer base is roughly 140 million people every year. This market share is made up of people who have a low tolerance to gassy foods. A bloated or gassy stomach affects so many people in a variety of ways and in a broad spectrum of age groups. The individual’s ideal cure may differ from person to person, but the Simethicone contained in Gas X is a more general remedy, and highly likely to provide even minor relief of discomfort or stomach pain, which is the ill effect of excess gas.

The Price You Pay

            On average, $15 is the cash you will hand out for a bottle of Gas X, containing 120 pills in a gel form. Gas X is often offered as a piece of a package deal, a deal put forth by several companies.

What You Must Do

            Of course, one of the things you will have to do is take Gas X to get your relief. Additionally, there are proactive measures you can take to prevent or lessen potential discomfort or pain from gas or a bloated belly. An increase in water consumption coupled with a decrease in consumption of alcoholic beverages or fizzy drinks like sodas can help a lot in reducing gas and bloat. Cutting out certain foods that are known to cause gas such as beans, broccoli, and bran, as well as several others will give you a proactive boost in reducing gas. In addition, you can do a little extra prevention by eating slowly. Unbelievably, drinking through straws, swallowing air, and even smoking can cause you to have a bloated feeling. These tips are not meant to be taken as requirements, but only a partial list of things you can do besides taking Gas X to reduce those instances of excess gas and bloating in the stomach.

Final Assessment

            Several of the modern diet plans that are available today are high-fiber, high-protein diets. Although these types of diets are good for the body, they are often not so good for your stomach. Most of the foods that are eaten in such a diet as this are very gassy. This uncomfortable gassiness is actually a part of why these diets tend to get results. The excess gas buildup generally invokes a full feeling in the dieter, thus that person loses weight. A drawback of this, however, is that these gassy, healthier foods can cause enough discomfort in a person to discourage them from continuing their diet plan and returning to their unhealthy eating habits, namely fatty foods or other foods that produce less gas in the stomach. Enter Gas X, which can relieve this excess gas without causing any undesired side effects.

Is Gas X As Effective As Advertised?

            The people who have used Gas X rate it highly effective in their feedback; however, it is not always the preferred remedy for gas relief by many consumers. Regardless of personal preference, it is effective and performs its claimed functions.

Our Verdict

            Gas X is as effective as advertised, and there are no side effects to endure. Having said that, as with any medication or remedy, it is best if used only when needed so the active ingredient is not working when unnecessary, possibly breaking down other materials in the stomach. Overall, feedback is positive and Gas X is recommended as a viable solution for gas or bloating.